Upcoming meetings

  All of these are God willing

Saturday 7th March:  Creation Meeting
7 pm at Hyde Street Chapel, followed by light refreshments

Was there really a worldwide flood? Evidence from Scripture and science.
- a presentation by Mr. Matthew Pickhaver (Biblical Creation Trust)

Sunday 29th March:  Sunday School Anniversary
10 am service at Hyde Street Chapel

Thursday 16th April:  The Mayflower and the Pilgrim Fathers
7.30 pm at Hyde Street Chapel

400th Anniversary presentation by Mr Marco Reale (Protestant Alliance).

Thursday 4th June:  Work of Hudson Taylor Ministries
7.30 pm at Hyde Street Chapel

Mr Abraham Jobse will speak on the work/outreach in China.

Visiting Speakers for Sunday Services

8th March (Morning):  Mr. Matthew Pickhaver (Biblical Creation Trust)