We welcome children and families to worship with us.

Attending church with children can sometimes seem like a daunting task:
  • What if they can't sit through the service? 
  • Will they upset or distract others if they make a noise?
  • How can I occupy them so I can listen and participate?
We think enabling children to worship God with their family is really important. It's always a delight to see children taking part in church and nobody is disturbed by any noise they may make. We want children in our church service - that's why we hold our Sunday School and Youth Work before the morning service - so that families can be together as they sing, prayer and listen.
Some children are naturally good sitters...others have to work at it. We have items for all ages to help you train and occupy your children. For very young children we have Bible story picture books. For slightly older children, there are activity/sticker books available on request, as well as colouring pens and Bible texts. For those who can read and write, we have service sheets to help them concentrate and pick out the important parts of the service. There are also reading books on the lives of famous Christians for them to learn from. Failing all else, we also have a side room with a video link that parents and children can use to still be part of the service.

Helpful reviews 

These reviews contain our opinions on resources we have found helpful, at a family and Sunday School level. They are our personal opinions.
Children's Devotions by Frances Ridley Havergal (from ICM website) Frances Ridley Havergal was a famous hymn writer but she also wrote gospel stories for children. Here are thirty of her best - Just right for first thing in the morning and perfect for last thing at night. Each devotional story has a scripture and short poem to think about as we go into the day and as we go into the night.
(HSC/personal) we've awarded a number of these books as Sunday School prizes - the stories present the gospel and Bible promises/comforts in a warm and winsome way that children can easily understand. I've enjoyed reading these short 2 page devotions with my children - long enough to pack wonderful truths into for discussion but short enough to hold their attention last thing at night and first thing in the morning.
Costs: £6.99 available from Christian Focus Publications, or £3.99 from second hand books
Our rating 10/10 - for concise relevant content that is accessible to children and the support they give to establishing a pattern of personal devotion.
The Ology: Ancient Truths, Ever New by Marty Machowski

This is quite simply an amazing book...our children love it and it has become a staple of our Bible times and teaching, along with the children's catechism. The book systematically takes children (and parents) through theology and Christianity, in short concise sections (around 1-2 pages) ideal for little developing minds. The book uses everyday examples that children can relate to to illustrate theology and God's redemptive work, along with scripture texts to challenge older children. We use our version for children aged 4,6 and 8 years and all can relate and take something away from each section. It links beautifully to the catechism to build on answers to deepen children's understanding.
Comes as a robust hard back with great illustrations.
Costs: £19-£25, available from Amazon
Our rating 10/10 for content, accessibility and theology (and worth the cost).
Introducing the Quick Answers series by Bryan Osborne- covering vital questions and positions on Biblical teaching.
Tough Questions:
  • Creation & evolution
  • Age of the earth & Noah's Ark
  • Death & suffering
  • Origin of life & missing links
Social Issues:
  • Marriage and sexuality from God’s Word
  • Response to the LGBTQ+ community
  • Animal rights and the green movement
  • The biblical response to racism
These books are clear and simple and valuable for both children and adults alike. The secular world attacks and undermines the very foundations of the Christian faith - from creation to basic biology in a pseudo-scientific approach disguised as evidence-based - it is critical that our children are taught how to refute falsehoods and stand firm in their faith. Costs: £8 Day One Publications, £11 Amazon.
Our rating 8/10 for content and accessibility, suitable for 11+ although some children may want more information/detail depending on their knowledge.

The Children's Shorter Catechism
When it comes to the different versions of the catechism, it can get really confusing. I've found no better summary for parents than that by Reformed Mama https://www.reformedmama.com/childrens-catechism which explains the versions and differences really well (and has other resources linked to teaching your children the catechism).
It's worth making the effort - teaching our children (and our Sunday School) the children's catechism has been one of the most rewarding things we have done - to watch children soak up these truths, be able to recall them and repeat them and ask further questions is a wonderful thing and it acts as a frame to hang all the truths of scripture on. In our Sunday School we have children aged 3 who have mastered simple sections (e.g. who God is) as well as older children not from a church background.
The HSC Children's Shorter Catechism  draws on what we felt were the best versions - based on the Westminster Shorter Catechism, updated to modern language with answers that repeat the question (to help memorisation) and of course to reflect believers baptism distinctives.
Our rating: you can't rate the catechism. It's a must do thing!

The Child's Story Bible by Catherine F. Vos
We have the old 1996 version but there is a newer 2021 version (which we haven't reviewed). Suitable to be read to children from 3 years upwards (and 7 years up independently), this book combines a biblically accurate narrative in a story style that brings Bible history alive for children. The additional thoughts, reflections and details engage and hold the children's attention whilst remaining faithful. It's been around for a while so there are plenty of good book reviews: https://banneroftruth.org/uk/store/new-release/the-childs-story-bible/
New 2021 version £21-25, second holder older versions are available for £8-10.
Our rating 8/10 for content, accessibility (the chapters/sections can be quite long for smaller children and the pictures (in the 1996 version) could be better) and theology.
The Pilgrim's Progress originally by John Bunyan
It's no surprise that this would be on our list of favourite children's books. There are many versions but our children have enjoyed Jean Watson's adaption (new £6, second hand £3-4)- accessible, gripping and accurate to the original with character summaries to help children understand who/what they represent, things to thing about and Bible verse searches at the end of each chapter.
Another gem is the animated version of The Pilgrim's Progress - available to buy or download but also free via Redeem TV https://redeemtv.com/. Again, our children (aged 4,6 and 8) absolutely love it - it brings to life the characters and screenplay - however, probably best to watch if for the first time with your children as there are some scary moments (although our children who are not the most intrepid!) watch it again and again now they are familiar with it. (It does have a pictorial representation of the Good Shepherd (Jesus) at the end which we don't agree with but as the whole movie is so good we explain why we don't agree with this to our children but allow them to watch it).