We welcome children and families to worship with us.

Attending church with children can sometimes seem like a daunting task:
  • What if they can't sit through the service? 
  • Will they upset or distract others if they make a noise?
  • How can I occupy them so I can listen and participate?
We think enabling children to worship God with their family is really important. It's always a delight to see children taking part in church and nobody is disturbed by any noise they may make. We want children in our church service - that's why we hold our Sunday School and Youth Work before the morning service - so that families can be together as they sing, prayer and listen.
Some children are naturally good sitters...others have to work at it. We have items for all ages to help you train and occupy your children. For very young children we have Bible story picture books. For slightly older children, there are activity/sticker books available on request, as well as colouring pens and Bible texts. For those who can read and write, we have service sheets to help them concentrate and pick out the important parts of the service. There are also reading books on the lives of famous Christians for them to learn from. Failing all else, we also have a side room with a video link that parents and children can use to still be part of the service.