All on-site services at Hyde Street have been cancelled until further notice due to the Coronavirus outbreak.
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Lord's Day (Sunday)
9.15am Sunday School
10am Morning Service
5.30pm Evening Service
7.30pm Bible Study and Prayer Meeting

Lord's Day (Sunday)

9.15am until 9.50am Sunday School
ages 3-11 (in school term time)

10.00am Morning Service

Current series: The Book of ISAIAH

What does a prophet of the 8th Century B.C. have to say to us today?
The answer is a lot!  Isaiah has been called the fifth gospel. The reason for that is it sets before us the need of a people who have departed from God, and God's remedy.  Filled with many wonderful prophecies concerning the coming Redeemer, this portion of God's Word sets forth man's only real hope.  Isaiah's name means 'Salvation is of the Lord'.  

You are warmly invited to join with us as we delve into the message that God brought through Isaiah, and learn of its relevance today.

5.30pm Gospel Service

Current series: TBA

James the half brother of the Lord Jesus Christ was transformed by the grace of God from being a sceptic to a leader of the early Church.
Among other things James epistle teaches us:-
. How to recognise true faith.
. How to endure in trials.
. How to recognise and resist temptation.
. How to use our tongues for God's glory.
. How prayer changes things.

Join with us as we consider the difference God given faith makes to life, and its impact on the lives of others!

Fellowship Meal
On the third Sunday of every month we meet in the Church Hall for lunch following the morning service. All are welcome to join with us.


7.30pm Bible Study and 
Prayer Meeting

All are welcome to join with us for Bible study and prayer. 


We support several Missionary Societies and we invite visiting speakers on a regular basis to keep us informed about the work.

Please see "Coming Up" for details of these meetings.